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One Time Special Offers on Surplus Carbon Tubes

Large sample tubes
About the stuff on this Surplus page......

Don't worry, we won't sell you junk!

We would never sell any tubes with any structural defects of any kind. We just don't roll that way! (Pun intended)

The tubes on this page are top quality carbon. The reason they are here is because we either made a tube extra long and ended up with a large cut-off or the OD/Wall are just a bit off from what we planned for.

Once in a great while, there may be a tube with a cosmetic blemish of some sort but that is pretty rare. And if this is the case, we will let you know in the write-up. Otherwise you can expect a premium quality tube with a premium quality finish.

SOLD! 11.82" ID tube in stock now (over-run)!

11.82" ID x 20" long x 0.06" wall Carbon tube.
Tube exterior is our usual premium clear-coat. Interior can be painted flat black at no charge.
You can buy the tube at it's current length or we can cut it to size for you.
NOTE: This tube is a somewhat loose fit in C-11 cells but can be shimmed. It is also longer than the standard 16.25" C-11 length. Ask us about other possible mods if interested.

SOLD OUT! Price is $295.00 plus $49.00 shipping CONUS.

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